Thursday, November 19

Important challenges that psychology is currently facing.

There are many areas en psychology, and of course, all of them have challenges to be resolved. The first, and most important according to me, is stop trying to prove the world that what we are doing is science. Mind and the processes related to it are able to be verified, but the individual behavior and each one self are such special that we have to treat them as they're unique.

Regarding technology, the psychometrical tests are mostly out of date. In Chile we are using, for example, the Wisc III, but the updating version (which is used on USA) is Wisc V. To do a good (and serious) work, we have to use the best tools available...

Today please write about important challenges that your discipline, or your field in general, is currently facing. Think in terms of the following areas:- Technology- Social Matters- EducationDefine the challenges, and say how you think they should be resolved in each area.Also, mention the critical issues involved in each area.Word Count: 350

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